S3800HD high resolution retransfer and embosser


High resolution retransfer printing and embossing for credit and debit card issuance

Instant Issuance

The new S3800HD instant issuance system has been designed around two core technologies. The new Matica embossing drum, based on our reliable heavy-duty embossing technology for central issuance, and the most reliable retransfer 600dpi printing engine in the market. Together, they create an compact, easy-to-use, system, which allows embossed debit and credit cards to be issued at branch level, starting from blank stock cards, helping banks to generate a seamless, frictionless customer experience and to potentially, save significant costs.

The XID printing module uses reverse transfer technology to produce high quality, over-the-edge printed cards, so there are no white areas left unprinted. It’s a feature that allows the S3800HD to instantly issue cards with such intense colors and image quality that they easily rival the best preprinted cards on the market. Its ultra-high 600 dpi resolution allows printing crisp, tiny characters, down to a character size of 1.3pt allowing real microtext. Electronic fine-line printing and other sophisticated graphic elements can be printed adding an extra level of visual security to the financial card.

The EMB embossing module personalizes the card using the embossing and indenting drum, which can configure up to 72 + 72 characters for credit and debit card issuance. It embosses the front and rear indent, applying color to the embossed characters on the integrated tipping station.

Key Strengths

  • 1 – 4 feeders, 350 to 1,400 cards capacity
  • 600 x 600 dpi duplex printing
  • Able to print invisible UV colors and visible colors simultaneously
  • Electronics key locks and security key
  • Embossing and tipping

Technical Specifications


600 dpi
36 cards per hour - standard credit card with YMCK, magnetic ISO encoding, colour on front and black on the back side, plus embossing and tipping on front and rear indent on back (single process)
Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
Credit card configuration: 380 x 640 x 400 mm. Credit and debit card configuration: 380 x 670 x 400 mm. | Total weight: Credit card configuration: 45 kg; Credit and debit card configuration: 50 kg

Layout Personalization

Dye sublimation, Embossing, Indenting, Tipping

Depend on config



Contactless chip, Contact chip, Magnetic stripe


Format & materials
30-card exit hopper
1 to 4 feeder

100-card exit hopper

250 (160)-card exit hopper (embossed)

350 plates


Fast Ethernet 10/100, High Speed USB 2.0



Dual side card to carrier adhesive labels

Matica Genuine Consumables

Operating systems

Win 10

Win 7

Win 7 (32 - 64 bit)

Win 8

Win XP

> 100.000 cards per year

< 5.000 cards per year

30.001 to 100.000 cards per year


5.001 to 30.000 cards per year

MaticardPro card production software, PCI-DSS V3 compliant

MatiDeskDLL with interfacing SDK

Smart card SDK optional

Diagnostic and setup software included

DLL-SDK package available

Includes set up and Diagnostic software

Laser marking software for laser layout creation

Maticard 3


MaticardPro card production software


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