Matica Desktop Suite (MDS)

A new powerful software package at the heart of Matica Desktop Modules

Production and Integration Tools

Matica Desktop Suite (MDS) is a new package aimed at driving new Matica desktop products and reducing integration efforts for System Integrators and Software Editors.
MDS software package
Matica Desktop Suite allows card job monitoring, as well as device monitoring and proper job parallelization.
It allows USB and TCP/IP (Ethernet) connections, supporting the new IPSC Smart Controller developed for those in need to operate their personalization devices over LAN and WAN.
MDS v1.1 is the official release aimed at driving the new desktop products, for both Financial Instant Issuance and Secure ID applications:


  • ReTransfer printer 300dpi and 600dpi
  • New modules: Dual-Feeder (DF), Feeder-Encoder (FEM), IPSC Smart Controller


MDS software integration

MDS-Connect is an extended SDK version of the former EDIsecure Connect. It offers a very high level of compatibility for those who already integrated Matica product with EDIsecure Connect in the past.

However, in order to allow multiple job processing in one Device Line (parallel mode), Matica developed a new integration method based on xml:


  • XML-Job is based on job integration, not requiring a low-level device management. MDS will manage to drive the devices and execute personalization jobs in full autonomy
  • XML-Job requires only a few hours to be operative, reducing dramatically integration and maintenance costs
    • XML language describing jobs, job parameters and device line parameters
    • Once the job has been submitted to the MDS device line queue, MDS monitors the proper job execution until the card is fully personalized
    • Chip encoding routines should be developed by software specialist using a specific MDS framework
  • XML-Job supports full single wire Ethernet connectivity, with any kind of device and chip encoders. This provides Matica users with very high scalability for cloud applications over LAN and WAN


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