S6200E industrial embosser


An affordable solution for financial card embossing

Central Issuance

The S6200E is a unique platform that takes care of the encoding, embossing and tipping for your organization. This model from Matica’s line of industrial printers was specifically designed for central issuance programs at card personalization centers or financial institutions. The high price-performance ratio is the result of its reliable components and modular design, based on the proprietary technology of S7000.

This pre-configured integrated solution is particularly well suited for financial card production at high speed and lower costs. It is capable of industrial printing at the speed of 600 cards per hour, up to a maximum of 16 hours a day, thus, ensuring smooth issuance for mid-volume programs.

The basic version comes equipped with a single 98 characters embossing and indenting unit. Moreover, the professional tipping model lets you decide between a range of tipping colors to make sure your products reflect the polished image you would like to put forward. On top of that, the incredibly long lasting ribbon covers up to 4,000 cards.

Flexible and adaptable industrial printer: The S6200E card issuance system

The modular concept behind this industrial printer let you configure and re-configure your model to continue to be a perfect match).

Further options cover a range of demands and applications. For instance, an additional 100 characters embossing and indenting unit allows even more sophisticated projects and higher outputs, while a front and/or real infiller station simplifies the production process for your staff. Each device also comes with Windows-based MaticardPro software for a straightforward setup, maintenance and operation.

How the S6200E grants maximum security and scalability

As an additional safety measure, you can take advantage of the pro issuance kit that includes a key locked cabinet, stack light and data encryption. Moreover, graphical personalization integrity verification can further increase compliance with your advanced security policies.

To streamline the process of getting the finished products into your customers’ hands, you have the capability to add a card folding and envelope insertion station, as well as take advantage of an inline card mailing module. This way, you can transform your S6200E into a complete card-to-envelope solution.

Should your output demands increase, it can also be upgraded to a S7000 high-volume issuance system. Therefore, you do not need to feel cornered by the hardware you have picked when you first invested into your S6200E. The step-up license option allows you to “unlock” any field upgrades, making this model fully scalable and adaptable to the changing needs of your institution time and time again.

In sum, the modularity, consistent output quality, combined with single-step encoding, embossing, as well as front and rear indenting of this industrial printer, make it a great match for cost-conscious personalization centers with a lot of growth potential.

Key Strengths

  • Mid-volume of cards, based on proprietary technology of S7000
  • Modular limited concept with flexible configuration and defined field upgradability
  • PCI/DSS compliant software
  • Step-up license option to "unlock" any field upgrade option

Technical Specifications


600 cph
Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
1 400 - 2 830 x 550 x 1,400 mm (55 - 111 x 22 x 550 ’’)

Layout Personalization

Embossing, Tipping

Depend on config



Contactless chip, Magnetic stripe, Single or multi smart card contact


Format & materials
CR80 plastic
Single card stacker 600 cards
600 cards, Single card feeder

100-card exit hopper

250 (160)-card exit hopper (embossed)

350 plates




Dual side card to carrier adhesive labels

Matica Genuine Consumables

Operating systems

Win 10

Win 7

Win 7 (32 - 64 bit)

Win 8

Win XP

> 100.000 cards per year

< 5.000 cards per year

30.001 to 100.000 cards per year


5.001 to 30.000 cards per year

MaticardPro card production software, PCI-DSS V3 compliant

MatiDeskDLL with interfacing SDK

Smart card SDK optional

Diagnostic and setup software included

DLL-SDK package available

Includes set up and Diagnostic software

Laser marking software for laser layout creation

Maticard 3


MaticardPro card production software


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