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Instant Issuance

A desktop card embosser is invaluable in a fast-paced environment, where customers expect a quick and seamless interaction with your organization. Matica S3400 is a compact desktop solution for mid-volume issuance at an affordable price. This model allows you to instantly personalize and issue high-quality embossed credit, debit and loyalty cards and put them in your customers’ hands right away.

Affordable card embosser for mid-volume issuance

Just like its older brother, S3500, Matica’s S3400 offers dual-sided monochrome or color printing, as well as an integrated embosser and a magnetic stripe encoder. However, this model constitutes an even more compact solution. The big-thinking technology of the S3000 series did not have to be compromised though: the savings in size come from a reduced number of hoppers.

For companies that do not require high volume card issuance, two automatic feeders ensure an optimal output ranging from 50 to 100 cards per hour depending on your printing, embossing and encoding specifications. The reduction in the number of hoppers from seven in the S3500 model to two in the S3400, also allowed to optimize the production costs. This is directly reflected in the price of the model, as Matica strives to match the particular demands, and budget of your organization.

The S3400: A truly desktop embossing technology

Measuring just 300 mm (11.81 inches) in height, the S3400 is a truly desktop solution that can be easily incorporated into your office environment or hidden underneath the front desk. Nevertheless, it integrates direct-to-card printing, embossing and encoding modules and offers a 300 dpi edge-to-edge printing quality to suit the personalization needs of your organization.

An adjustable LCD touchscreen and the optional on-board PC to install the Instant Issuance client software offer an intuitive operation for your staff. In sum, this model is perfect for the retail, entertainment and financial branch alike.

Instant issuance card embosser for the financial sector

The financial sector can particularly benefit from this compact debit and credit card embosser. Instant in-branch issuance means that not only the customer benefits from a virtually non-existent wait time, reduced risk of fraud and the possibility to use the card straight away. Your financial institution could also enjoy better customer loyalty, higher card activation rates and reduced costs for paper and mailing.

Just like the other products in Matica’s instant issuance portfolio, the S3400 card embosser was developed in accordance with the EMV regulation to ensure compliance with global standards and better fraud detection. In addition, the S3400 includes a ‘Matica Security Pack’ for financial issuance, which is a comprehensive set of security features aimed at fulfilling specific requirements for financial card personalization. These include contact or contactless magnetic ISO encoding, graphic and embossing options, as well as front and rear indenting.

The card embosser is further equipped with the industry-standard Kensington® slot and table-anchoring bolts for the in-branch security. Moreover, it offers key locks and password protection to secure access to the cards.

Key Strengths

  • Dual-side printing color printing, 300 x 300 dpi
  • Electronics key locks
  • Embossing and tipping
  • Two (2) x automatic feeders, exception feeder, concealed hopper, reject tray
  • Visa and Mastercard security compliance

Technical Specifications


300 dpi
50-100 cph
Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
920 x 530 x 300 mm (36,22’ x 20,87’ x 11,81’’); Up to 56kg (depending on the configuration)

Layout Personalization

Dye sublimation, Embossing, Indenting, Thermal Transfer, Tipping

Depend on config



Contactless chip, Magnetic stripe


Format & materials
30-card concealed hopper, 50-card reject hopper
2 x 100-card feeder, Exception feeder

100-card exit hopper

250 (160)-card exit hopper (embossed)

350 plates


Ethernet, USB


Dual side card to carrier adhesive labels

Matica Genuine Consumables

Operating systems

Win 10

Win 7

Win 7 (32 - 64 bit)

Win 8

Win XP

> 100.000 cards per year

< 5.000 cards per year

30.001 to 100.000 cards per year


5.001 to 30.000 cards per year

MaticardPro card production software, PCI-DSS V3 compliant

MatiDeskDLL with interfacing SDK

Smart card SDK optional

Diagnostic and setup software included

DLL-SDK package available

Includes set up and Diagnostic software

Laser marking software for laser layout creation

Maticard 3


MaticardPro card production software


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