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Responding to the growing demand for durable tamper-resistant cards, we have developed the most flexible and fastest lamination program on the market. The Matica EDIsecure® Inline Lamination Modules help to meet specifications for highly secure ID card applications such as employee badges, driving licenses and national IDs.

Clear and secure laminates applied on the surface of the card protect against physical damage and extends the life of the ID card.

Matica Lamination modules are available for single sided (ILM-LS) and double side (ILM-DS) lamination. Communicating via infrared interface, the lamination parameters for the various card materials are controlled by the printer driver. This allows the use of the laminator with all card materials, including PVC, composite PVC, ABS, PET and even Polycarbonate for the longest card life. The laminator has a Kensington lock as well as an electronic security lock for the front door to secure the access to the supplies. The ILM-LS can be combined easily for inline lamination with Matica´s XID8300 Retransfer Printer, simply attach the unit with the appropriate joining plate to the printer – that’s it.

Key Strengths

  • Key locks and Kensington lock

Technical Specifications


16 – 30 seconds per card (single- or double-sided)
Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
326 x 210 x 360 mm

Layout Personalization

Thermal Transfer

Depend on config




Format & materials

100-card exit hopper

250 (160)-card exit hopper (embossed)

350 plates



Dual side card to carrier adhesive labels

Matica Genuine Consumables

Operating systems

Win 10

Win 7

Win 7 (32 - 64 bit)

Win 8

Win XP

> 100.000 cards per year

< 5.000 cards per year

30.001 to 100.000 cards per year


5.001 to 30.000 cards per year

MaticardPro card production software, PCI-DSS V3 compliant

MatiDeskDLL with interfacing SDK

Smart card SDK optional

Diagnostic and setup software included

DLL-SDK package available

Includes set up and Diagnostic software

Laser marking software for laser layout creation

Maticard 3


MaticardPro card production software


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