Matica announces a new Group Structure resulting from the Registration of a Capital Increase against Contribution in Kind in the Commercial Register

The capital increase adopted by Matica Technologies’ general meeting held on 27 March 2015 has been registered with the commercial register effective as of 17 September 2015.
MUNICH, September 23, 2015

The capital increase adopted by resolution of the general meeting of 27 March 2015 has been registered in the company’s commercial register for Matica Technologies AG, a company listed in the German Stock Exchange Entry Standard segment.
As a consequence, the share capital of the company has been increased by EUR 13,300,00 from EUR 7,423,226 to EUR 20,723,226. The contribution in kind consists in 82 per cent of the shares in Matica System S.p.A., in which Matica Technologies AG already held 18 per cent of the shares. In addition to this, a capital increase in cash is currently being carried out in the framework of a subscription offer. It comprises the public offer of 5,188,212 new no par value ordinary bearer shares (no par value shares), with subscription rights of the shareholders of Matica Technologies AG. The subscription period started on 10 September 2015 and will expire on 23 September 2015, midnight (CET) (both inclusively). The subscription offer was published in the Federal Gazette and on Matica’s website on 9 September 2015.

After the contribution of Matica System S.p.A. and Matica Electronics S.r.l., Matica Technologies now has development and production capacities of its own for the first time. In a technological environment, they are of great importance for the company’s future growth. By taking this step, all associated companies will be consolidated in Matica Technologies AG and united in a German group headquartered in Munich.

Sandro Camilleri, Board Member of Matica Technologies AG, notes: “After successfully reorganising all companies of the Matica group and focusing their operations to an even greater extend to the market, we now unite them under one German roof and concentrate on further growth. With this new organisation we will accelerate our worldwide market launches and exploit our existing portfolio to its full potential.“


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